Katrina, 19.

Made in Latvia, but left her heart in the UK.

Passionate petrol-head, is head over heels about creative people, beautiful places and coffee. Loads of coffee.

Has ambitions to be a crazy dog lady if marrying various celebrity crushes proves impossible. Never stops dreaming and believing.
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  • vampiref1echelon:



    oh my god back the fuck up and back the fuck off this doesn’t even deserve a counter argument

    and the award for being the biggest twat on the planet goes to…

    Pretty sure we girls know more about this sport than this arsehole

    I mean where do I even start…

    Does the understanding of F1 or any other sport come with a certain gender? Do girls judge men when they are expressing their opinion on a certain topic?  I don’t want to get in the whole ”why girls need to wear pink and boys wear blue” thing, but why at this day and age we have these types of situations and basically why such a big part of the men population have the 19th century thinking?

    I was hoping that with having Claire and Monisha at such high position in their teams, having Susie doing a good job as a driver, not to forget the women involved in the engineering departments in the teams, we would have different mindsets on is really F1 a men’s world? (yes, men are out-counted, but still)

    Rob Smedley made a good point at the Sky’s F1 Show on May 16th (really worth watching it back) - that F1 should be based on meritocracy and the likes of the ones mentioned above are definitely proving that. That’s what personally makes me so angry, that in 21st century I can’t express an opinion on certain topics (F1 being one of them) without getting absolutely disrespected amongst men only because I am a female. For how long will it still be like that? How can we change that ? That’s the real question here…


    (Source: pluckypennywhistle96, via bottass)

    My thoughts on the German GP


    The start and Massa’s crash:


    Marcus had to start from pitlane + he had a 10 seconds stop/go penalty:


    The battle between Fernando and the Red Bull boys:


    Lewis “I’ve nerver heard of that switch”:


    Kvyat was on fire today:


    Sutil spinning on start/finnish and no safety car:




    And as always Rosberg and Hamilton took podium places:


    But to the podium I have to say:


    (via k-magnussen)

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